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Click the images below to learn more about us and voice talents offered by Meissner Sound Ltd.  

We take pride in understanding our clients.  We want to learn about YOU and your projects as we focus on the best way to tell your story to the world.  

Count on us to bring life to your project and a voice to your brand!

Acquiring booming vocals from 

an early military life, John brings great clarity, pace, and articulation to his performances. His years of barking commands on the battlefield have provided John with both projection and vocal stamina perfect for long high-intensity recording sessions. But don't let that gruff exterior fool you!  This Grizzly bear has a calm and comforting side, well suited for quiet conversation, storytelling and neighbourly chats.


Paula has been inspired by music her entire life.  A singer in a grassroots band in her youth, Paula acquired a unique voice and comfort with her audience. Her work at a top-ranking radio station, and as a brand ambassador for a worldwide billion-dollar corporation, has garnered Paula respect as a highly organized and capable asset.  Working with award programs, film festivals, corporate stakeholders and celebrities, Paula has a sound knowledge of entertainment, marketing, and business.

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