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Click the images below to learn more about us and voice talents offered by Meissner Sound Ltd.  

We take pride in understanding our clients.  We want to learn about YOU and your projects as we focus on the best way to tell your story to the world.  

Count on us to bring life to your project and a voice to your brand!

Acquiring booming vocals from 

an early military life, John brings great clarity, pace, and articulation to his performances. His years of barking commands on the battlefield have provided John with both projection and vocal stamina perfect for long high-intensity recording sessions. But don't let that gruff exterior fool you!  This Grizzly bear has a calm and comforting side, well suited for quiet conversation, storytelling and neighbourly chats.


Paula has been inspired by music her entire life.  A singer in a grassroots band in her youth, Paula acquired a unique voice and comfort with her audience. Her work at a top-ranking radio station, and as a brand ambassador for a worldwide billion-dollar corporation, has garnered Paula respect as a highly organized and capable asset.  Working with award programs, film festivals, corporate stakeholders and celebrities, Paula has a sound knowledge of entertainment, marketing, and business.

  • What is your professional studio set-up?
    Our dedicated broadcast quality recording studio is double drywalled, utilizing insulation, sound absorbing fibre board and resilient channel construction to decrease airborne noise and impact vibrations. While the studio alone has an STC (Sound Transmission Class) rating of 58, the fully detached isolated vocal booth provides an additional -34dB (decibles) of soundproofing, giving it a noise floor below -60dB. (In other words, it's off the scale! 😱) Our studio equipment and editing software include; Neumann TLM103 large diaphragm condenser microphone, Universal Audio Apollo Twin X pre-amp, Audio Technica M50x studio headphones (monitor), SONY MDR-7506 studio headphones (editing), PreSonus Eris 4.5BT studio monitors (editing), MacBook Pro, 2.9GHz dual, Intel Core i5, 256G ram, Sharp 32" LED HD wall mounted display, and Adobe Audition CC 2023 audio editing software. We offer live-directed sessions via; Source Connect Standard (*Certified), Zoom / Google Meets / Skype, FaceTime, and Phone Patch. * The Source Connect Certification from Source Elements is an annual certification that demonstrates not only studio quality, but also that the certified users have received training beyond industry standards.
  • How quickly can you provide my audio?
    Time is money! Usually, we can deliver audio files within 24 hours or less, but there are always exceptions. The legnth of the script, timing, revisions, and the complexity of the request can sometimes cause delays, but we will always work with our clients to meet their goals and timelines. Contact us today to HEAR what WE can do for YOU!
  • What sort of training have you had?
    We have received one-on-one voiceover coaching and attended voiceover classes and workshops with some of the biggest names in the industry, such as; Tina Morasco, Elley-Ray Hennessy, Marc Graue, Ellen Dubin, Joe Ochman, Steve Blum, Taylor Kaye, Roger Leopardi, Kim Hurdon, Zach Anderson, Bill DeWees, Cara Pifko, Pascal Langdale, Debra Toffan and Caroly Larson... just to name a few. John has also trained at the Stella Adler Academy of Acting in Los Angeles, the Washington Improv Theatre, the Hamilton Conservatory for the Performing Arts, received motion capture training with MOCAP Vaults, and has experience in performance capture for gaming and animation. We also have years of stage and screen performance, public speaking, and in-class instructor experience. We participate regularly in live training, webinars and industry conferences from across North America to learn from our colleagues and peers in the voice-over community, and are members in good standing with World-Voices Organization (WoVO). We're doing everything we can to provide you with the best voices for your project and to consistently stay on top of our game.
  • How much does a voice-over cost?
    For the most part, we adhere to industry rates as established by the Global Voice Acting Academy Rate Guide. However, in special circumstances such as charitable or non-profit entities, educational institutions, and small business owners, we work with our clients to find a rate that meets their often restrictive budgets. One (1) free revision is included in our pricing and we can deliver your audio files in most formats.
  • What awards or recognition have you received?
    John and Paula have been nominated and also won several entertainment industry awards in recognition of their talents as voice actors and creative artists. Here are just a few; Society of Voice Arts and Sciences (SOVAS) Nominated - Outstanding Animation or Gaming Demo (2022) Winner - Best Voiceover Website (2020) Nominated - Best Voiceover Website (2020) dot.COMM Awards 2023 Winner - Gold Level Award - ECO Pride Video (Miele Canada) 2023 Nominated - Gold Level Award - ECO Pride Video (Miele Canada) 2022 Winner - Platinum Level Award - Regenerative Agriculture (Miele Canada) 2022 Nominated - Platinum Level Award - Regenerative Agriculture (Miele Canada) 2022 Winner - Gold Level Award - Women in Motion (Ceridian HCM) 2022 Nominated - Gold Level Award - Women in Motion (Ceridian HCM) One Voice Awards USA 2022 Nominated - Best TV/Web Commercial (Female) - VQA Wines of Ontario 2022 Nominated - Best Radio Commercial (Male) - Bank of Montreal (BMO) Stella Adler Academy of Acting, Los Angeles 2020 Online Scholarship Recipient
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