John Meissner

Acquiring booming vocals

from an early military life, John

provides clear, articulate sound

over a diverse field.  After the

military, John continued to

serve throughout a 25-year

career as a public official. 

During that time, he continued

to build on his proficient vocal

skills as a public speaker,

instructor and trainer. 


Over the years, John has appeared in many community theatre projects both on stage and behind the scenes in leading and supporting roles.  John has resounding vocal ability and has been known to imitate celebrities and well-known film and television voices.  He can also create animal, creature, mechanical and other highly realistic vocal sound effects.  John is married with two young children and takes delight in throwing plenty of animated vocals into their conversations and bedtime stories.  John has received Voice Over training from notable industry professionals including; Marc Graue, Elley-Ray Hennessy, Taylor KayeSteve Blum and Cara Pifko.

Photo of John a Voice Over Artist

Paula Meissner

Paula has been

inspired by music her entire

life. As the singer in a

grassroots band in her youth,

Paula's unique voice and  

comfort with her audience  

provided the foundation for a  

public speaking career. 

Paula has worked for a top

ranking radio station based in

major North American city

and more recently as a brand ambassador of a worldwide billion dollar corporation.


Paula also has a keen ear for music, sound and emerging talent.  Her years of experience have garnered her respect among her peers as a highly organized and highly capable asset.  Working with notable music award programs, film festivals, corporate stakeholders and celebrities, Paula has acquired a sound knowledge of the entertainment industry.

Photo of Paula Meissner a voice over artist

Our Happy Customers


“Paula's keen attention to detail served her well while she was working at CHUM Radio.”

Diane Lauzon


“I have had the pleasure of partnering with Paula on a number of projects.  Her work ethic and creativity, coupled with her authenticity are certainly refreshing.  I will continue to call on Meissner Sound for all of my voice over needs.”

Mary Gordon

Owner, Amaryllis Homes

"John and Paula played a key part in the success of our project. Their ability and willingness to deliver highly skilled and professional line deliveries at short notice gave their respective roles an emotional impact that the final video would have otherwise lacked.”

Andrew Morel

Producer, Director, Cinematographer

Higher Morel Productions


“I like the sound of John’s voice.  He sounds like a guy I could sit and have a beer with.  John’s voice invites you in and holds you with its warmth and clarity.”

Greg Baynes

Owner / CEO, Judson Graphics


“It was an honour and a privilege to work with John.  He is

a natural and has an obvious comfort with his audience.  John is a hard-working, dedicated, attention to detail individual.  I wouldn’t hesitate to work with John again, it was truly a pleasure!”

Sergeant Debbie M. MacDonald

Ontario Provincial Police

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